Mar 30, 2010

Flatstock 24

I'm not usually the one to be proud of my work and I'm especially not keen to bragging but since this is already being announced in a few venues I felt it deserved at least a mention here as well. Earlier this month I entered and won a design contest wherein I had to design a poster advertising for the 24th Flatstock convention that happened during the most recent SXSW. For those who may not know, Flatstock is an event that happens about 4 times a year where artists come to showcase their work relating to the field of screenprinting and rock show poster designs.

The contest was only open to art and design students in Texas and was a blast to be a part of. Thanks to everyone who wished me luck/congratulations and a huge thanks to those who put it on and really had a love of passing on the knowledge of screen printing to an interested younger generation of artists.

Here is the site for said contest where you can see some of the other winners and entrants: LINKITY-LINK-LINK

I was able to go by Flatstock for one of the days it was open and had a great time there as well. Spent a bit more money than I had anticipated but am now the proud owner of a small stack of prints that I must find frames for. Out of the handful I purchased, two to note are one that wasn't actually a screen print but a high quality art print nonetheless from one of the bigger names in illustration right now, Tara McPherson,whom I have been a big fan of for sometime, and the biggest print I bought was by an artist whom I learned is a fellow Austininte that I've just recently gotten into, Jumango.

In other news I'm between two quarters for a short amount of time and will hopefully be able to throw up a few more posts before classes start again. Also I really need to design a banner or something for this blog, it's kind of plain thus far methinks...

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