Sep 12, 2010

Sketchdump 02 and Sketchbook Project!

Hey Y'all!

Thought I'd do another small sketchdump as I go through my sketchbook that's about to fill up. I threw in a few older doodles in the top right of this first image. I found them scanned in from before and just wanted to do a little comparing.

In other news, I'll be participating in this years "Sketchbook Project" hosted by the Art House Co-op out of Brooklyn, NY. If you haven't heard of this it sounds like two tons of fun. Pretty much you order one of their sketchbooks, pick a broad topic to interpret, and fill up the sketchbook with your art in anyway you want. You have to mail back the completed book by January 15th for them to enter the sketchbook into a nation wide tour of art shows where people can browse all these books collected by the Art House. Best part is that anyone and everyone can participate! Click the image below to get more info and order your book if you want to join the fun! Also awesome motivation to keep up with your doodling.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

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